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classy porn

classy porn


Anonymous inquired i love the submissions you receive. i especially like the ones with normal people with stretch marks and scars. those images really help me feel better about myself and my partner. my partner has very prominent stretch marks and i've told her she's beautiful and that i love them but she thinks she is the only one that has them. your blog has helped her see how average it really is

This has made me so happy, I am so glad we have helped you both. You are also a wonderful partner from the sounds of it, keep telling her she’s beautiful and keep making her smile. And if she’s reading this, hello, stretch marks are EXTREMELY common, so please do not think you are the only one, I have them on my legs and chest and I know that 90% of my friends also have them in one place or another. I have just come to accept them, they’re there as a mark of the natural changes my body has been through, almost like a symbolic, organic tattoo, and I think that’s pretty rad if anything. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL XOX

Anonymous inquired Annon, plrase dont feel self conscious because I know you are beautiful. We all strucggle with something, we must find way to accentuate what we have. DCS, love your response. What annon said is true about you. Thank You.

Exactly, everybody has their own struggles, I know I do, but I get inspired by seeing all you wonderful people being confident enough to submit and by seeing all your self esteems get boosted when you’ve submitted. This is a place to be yourself. Thank you very much for your kind words xxx

Anonymous inquired Hi I'm unfollowing this blog, it's awesome and I love it, it's just all these people have such nice bodies and it makes me really self conscious, you are a wonderful person with a wonderful blog I just didn't want you to think I unfollowed because of something bad

This is a very important answer that I want all you lovely people to read so please take a moment. We submit any photos taken by anybody with ANY body shape or size. This is not a blog for thin people or a blog for large people, this is a blog for EVERYBODY. We try to promote as much as possible that everybody is beautiful and every person’s body is special and wonderful. Sometimes we can’t help that a load of submissions we’ve been sent are all taken by people with a certain type of body shape, we never ask for that, it just sometimes happens. I’m really sad that DSC has made you feel like this because it’s the opposite of what we’re trying to do :( EVERYBODY READING THIS, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU, YOU ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL. Big, thin, tall, small, any race, any gender, so please keep submitting! It’s your differences that make this blog so special and what make it look so beautiful xox