Anonymous inquired I have been with my boyfriend for 4 years I don't want to become a lame sex partner ... Can you give me some tips to spice up my sex life ? Thnxx

Don’t look at this a problem, look at this as a chance to have some fun and experiment. Try and be honest with eachother about your sexual fantasies and desires and anything you’ve always wanted to try, he might be more open and willing to try them than you think. Make a sexual bucket list of different places/positions/roleplays you both want to try and see if you can finish it within a month. You’re bound to find something in there that will get the fire burning again. If not, try sex outdoors, a change of scenery and the chance of getting caught is good at kick starting the deadest of love lives. Sorry if this isn’t much help, good luck xox

Anonymous inquired I'm a heterosexual female who prefers gay porn to straight porn. As in, 2 guys getting it on. The women in straight porn annoy me with their over dramatic reactions.

Well that’s cool too! It’s whatever floats your boats guys! Don’t be ashamed of what you like and what you don’t like, we’re all different, but that’s what makes life so fun xox

Anonymous inquired Just seen one of the previous messages about a straight girl watching lesbian porn when she masturbates. I'd consider myself a heterosexual person as well but I also watch lesbian porn when I masturbate. I've never told anyone what type of porn I watch but It's quite comforting to know that I'm not the only straight girl that watches it!

Just had a couple of messages like this, yeah girls, you’re not alone! And guys, I’m sure the same applies for gay porn. Exploring your sexuality is fun and exploring your likes and dislikes is fun and nobody should ever judge you for that and if they do then they’re not people I’d advise hanging out with. Everybody keep having fun! x

Anonymous inquired I'm a straight girl but I watch lesbian porn when I masturbate. Me and my boyfriend are very open and honest so I told him and he was kind of wary about it, even thought maybe I wasn't attracted to him any more. I tried to explain why I preferred lesbian porn but it was hard and he didn't really get it. Obviously he accepts it because he loves me but I want him to understand too so, how can I do that? And is it a usual thing for me to enjoy when I'm sexually attracted to my boyfriend?

I’m just gonna go ahead and say that I’m fairly sure that most girls get turned on by lesbian porn. It’s cool if you don’t, but it’s also cool if you do. It is completely natural and it is good that you are exploring your sexuality. Your boyfriend is probably just feeling a little threatened but he shouldn’t. You should try and make it something that you can include him in too, for example, you could both watch it together and see what happens. It’s important that you can be open with eachother’s sexual desires and likes and dislikes in a relationship so it is good that you have told him, but he just needs to understand that this doesn’t mean that you’re going to suddenly run away and become a lesbian. I have done a little survey of this in the past with my female friends and 100% of us watch primarily lesbian porn. Your boyfriend just needs to understand that you being turned on by girl on girl action doesn’t mean that you don’t love him or aren’t straight. Hope you work through this! x

So my first day of being admin has been great! I hope I haven’t been too bad. I’ve loved hearing from you all and all your lovely submissions. Keep any questions you have coming and keep submitting, it’s you wonderful people who keep this blog alive. 

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Anonymous inquired How normal is it for a straight male (my boyfriend) to ONLY watch gay porn and even take it a step farther and message men on craigslist? I know porn is porn but it kinda bothers me

I’m all for being turned on by what turns you on and experimenting, but messaging other people, be them men or women, is unacceptable. You need to tell him how you feel and ask yourself if you really want to be with somebody who is messaging other people and already on the first rung of the cheating ladder. If he is gay and not knowing where to turn or how to feel, hence secretly messaging men, then try and be understanding. It is not nice to feel alone and confused. But be firm. It is not right to mess somebody around and hurt somebody either. If he is also interested in women and you decide to give him another chance then I wish you the best of luck. Just defuse the situation before it goes too far x