Anonymous inquired Moderator uploads

Hahaha, maybe I can help you with that one at some point… 

Anonymous inquired yeah... facts, and kinda like... "how to.."

I’ll try and answer more advice for you guys, it’s my fault for not answering more questions! Just get so many every day :-( 

Anonymous inquired Some classy anal c;

I’ll have a look around for you! Although that’s pretty hard to show if you’re trying to keep the genitals on the DL ;-) 

Is there anything people would like to see more of on here? Just drop a reply! :)

Anonymous inquired Your blog makes me feel so good about myself since I am not super skinny I doubt any boy finds me attractive because I am short with big boobs and a big butt along with big thighs. Seeing real girls on your blog makes me feel so much better about my self.<3

That’s awesome, it’s the whole reason I post submissions - making people feel better about themselves! We’re not all like the stick thin girls that only seem to be photographed for this kind of porn so sometimes it’s good to have a break. Glad it cheered you up chica! X

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Suit up, suit down.

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