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Anonymous inquired For the anon with the small breasts, i'm 19 and i'm an F cup. And i hate them! I'd do anything to have smaller breasts. I personally think larger boobies are a pain in the ass and so will many other people. You're beautiful the way you are! You just need to feel more comfortable in your own skin! Embrace your boobies girl!

Yes! I’m the other moderator and I have size DD boobs and they’re a huuuuge pain in the ass. I can’t wear half the things I want and bras are a trillion pounds.
I hope these messages prove that the grass is always greener on the other side lovely!

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Anonymous inquired I feel so shitty with myself because I'm 18 and I'm barely even a size A. I just don't even feel like a woman and I don't see how guys would want to be with me. It's like everywhere I look there are girls with bigger tits than me even if they are still small. Mine are nonexistent. Some guys say they are okay with it but I feel like my body is just a sexual disappointment. Do guys think this much about a girls size or are they just glad for boobs even if they aren't satisfying?

Hello lovely. Boobs come in all different shapes and sizes because bodies come in all different shapes and sizes and we’re all different. This is what makes us all beautiful and special. Different guys and girls are attracted to different types of bodies and yours will honestly 100% be the perfect body for somebody out there. Your boobs aren’t what make you you, or you desirable, they’re just bits of skin and tissue. It’s your personality and the rest of the package that people will be attracted to. Girls with big boobs may be desired more by some kinds of guys but that’s all they are desiring, sacks of skin and tissue. I know what I’d rather be wanted for. Look at all the celebrities out there with small boobs who are adored and lusted over, such as Iggy Azalea and Emma Watson. They are preferred over big boobs by lots of guys. DO NOT HATE YOURSELF OR YOUR BODY.  You are 100% a woman, and you are 100% beautiful. Hope this makes you feel better xox

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ghostscrum inquired So y'all back now? Missed those submissions, and submitting my own to be quite honest

Yes, we’re back! Had a big summer so only managed to queue a few things but now we’ll be back posting submissions! Sorry about the wait :)


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Glad to see you back!

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